Port Wine

Port Wine Premium Pack

20 years tawny

This 20 Years Old Tawny, with its intense amber color comes from blends carefully selected, matured in wood. Its structure and aromas of ripe berry fruit, dried fruit and its hint of vanilla provides us an enticing nose and mellow texture which last well. Surrounded by the complexity of the wood, you can either enjoy this with desserts (fruit cakes) or slightly chilled as an aperitif.

30 years tawny

The extraordinary old amber color illustrates the power found on the nose and palate, thanks to the selection of high-quality blends. Revealing delicate aromas of caramel, dried fruits honey, combined with nuts. Its mellow and silky mouth will stay long aftertaste. This magnificent 30 Years Old Tawny to marry with dark chocolate or coffee, can be also appreciated on its own right.

40 years tawny

From the best blends chosen carefully, this rich and full-bodied Port is underlined the finesse and the complexity, the structure and the smoothness. Along with its vibrant color, the power of its aromas like the caramel, nuts completed by hints of honey and vanilla reveal an elegant harmony. This 40 Years Old Tawny is meant to be appreciated on its own with your closest circle.

50 years tawny

Imagine letting half a century in oak barrels a Porto to evolve. The 50 Years Old Tawny revealing not only its superb color gold, but the finesse of a multitude of aromas such as butterscotch, the nutmeg, toasted almonds, hint of spices or roasted notes. The long finish is sublimated by the power of the different flavors and remain smooth: when liveness meets delicacy.


If Port was a nectar, our Very Very Old Port, over 80 Years Old, recognized by the IVDP as an “exceptional quality”, would be its illustration, thanks to the know-how and patience. From its magnificent copper color to its generous flavors like caramel, sweet spices, dried figs, nuts and vanilla, let yourself be tempted by this delicate blend which will last not only on the finish but in your mind.